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Collection call

Home collection service for national and international parcels.

Service availability: Home collection service has restrict coverage area.  Check whether the locality where collection is supposed to take place is included in service coverage area

Who can use it: Natural and juridical persons without contract;
Juridical persons with contract.

How it works: SEDEX to be charged,  SEDEX Mundi Good and EMS express good services are only offered home collection when collection order is requested by client with contract.  

Collection hours: Normal collection carried out between 2 pm and 6 pm for collection orders made until 4 pm. After this period, collection will be scheduled for the next business day.
Special collection carried out between 6 pm and 8 pm for collection orders made until 6 pm.

     Cities covered by special collection
     - Belo Horizonte;     - Brasília;     - Rio de Janeiro;     - São Paulo.

SEDEX Today collection carried out between 11 pm and 12 (noon) for collection orders made until 11 pm.
Collection: Collections will take place on business days, from Monday to Friday, at the exact address as indicated by client, except in cases in which mailman access to location is hindered. The collected object will be dispatched on the same day for its respective destination.   

Online nformation: Monitor, change or cancel  your collection order here.

Services covered by Collection Call:
SEDEX; SEDEX 10; SEDEX today; e-SEDEX; SEDEX to be charged
PAC; SEDEX mundi document; SEDEX mundi goodEMS express document; EMS express good. 

Why use this service?

- Convenience

Collections can be requested via Client Service Central - CAC  or via Internet.

How much: Collections requested via internet prices are different from those requested via Client Service Central – CAC, and vary according to the locality where collection will be made.  

Check here collection prices.

Payment conditions: Collection and postage values payment can be made in the following ways:   
- At sight, only cash; 
- To be invoiced, clients with contract.