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Commercial Letter

Correspondence service posted by nonprofit or for-profit juridical person.

Service availability: In all national territory

Who can use it: nonprofit or for-profit juridical person, with or without contract.

How it works: Basic services: Home delivery;
Home collection; - Warranted return.

Delivery: See delivery price and terms for this service.

In case of delayed delivery of objects posted under registration, compensation shall correspond to object postage value, excluded registration and other additional services (when applicable) values.

Why use this service?

- Delivery in all Brazilian municipalities;
- Offers treatment to urgent objects.

Where to post: - At any Correios post offices
In Correios collection boxes, upon application of franking stamp;
In case of contract with ECT, postages will occur in indicated operational units.

Prices and terms

See delivery price and terms for this service.

- Sender shall be nonprofit or for-profit juridical person, registered in Corporate Taxpayer’s Registry - CNPJ; 
- Every Commercial Letter shall be packed and closed by sender in pack that resists to content weight, shape and nature, as well as to transportation conditions.  

– Maximum weight: 500 grams per object. For objects with weight superior to 500g, the same conditions of SEDEX VALUE and installment will be applied.   

- Inclusion of objects such as glasses, informatic material, spare parts, supplies, etc., in letters is not allowed, even when packed in envelopes. These types of objects, with or without commercial value, destined or not to commercial purposes, can only be posted as parcels, and, as such, with invoice or content discrimination.

- They can be accepted as Simple Letter or Registered Letter, according to acceptance conditions foreseen to the service, postage of CDs, DVDs, Diskettes, cassette tapes/VHS, Tokens, Pen Drives, Memory Cards, and Portable Media Player, such as MP3 and similar, since they do not have TRADING VALUE

Additional and complementary services: Registration; -   Return receipt;  -  Mão Própria (Own Hand) ; - Stated value; - Request for withdrawal of correspondence;
Request for change of name and address.

Postage preparation: - ZIP code search; - Prices and terms calculator; - Addresser; - Post offices; - Collection call

Addressing: See how to correctly address your object.

After postage: - Object tracking; in “Postage” and “Delivery” phases in case of registered letter.