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Easy import

Correios logistic solution to different Brazilian importers who need to import different objects for personal use and/or commercialization, whose costs value does not exceed US$ 3,000,00 (three thousand dollars) or equivalent in foreign currency.

Service availability: From any place worldwide to Brazil (Postal operators in country of origin).

- Importations up to  US$ 500,00 (five hundred dollars)Temporary reimportationação/exportation Unaccompanied baggage

Who can use it: - Natural person: Customs value above US$ 500,00 (five hundred dollars) up to US$3,000,00 (three thousand dollars) or equivalent in foreign currency.
- Juridical person: Customs value up to US$ 3,000.00 (three thousand dollars) or equivalent in foreign currency.

The customs value on which tax will incur, will be the sum of postal shipment components value plus transportation cost (postal tariff), as well as insurance related to this transportation (postal insurance, when applicable).  We inform that ICMS (tax on distribution of goods and services) charge of shipment city of destination may also occur.

How it works:

We inform that Correios are not authorized to effect nationalization of shipments/goods with any type of control previous to shipment or in country entry by Brazilian regulatory agency  (ANVISA, MDIC, CNEN, INMETRO, IBAMA, etc), except for Science Easy Import service importations.  

a) Importation of toys: Allowed only for natural person, provided that it is not a commercial activity (Decree SECEX (Foreign Trade Secretariat) nº. 23/2011). Juridical person will be required INMETRO authorization, that is, precious licence/consent.
b) Importation of tobacco and alcoholic beverages: We do not perform customs clearance, for it would need a previous licence.

When addressee receives from relatives, friends or acquaintances goods with customs values superior to US$ 50,00 (fifty dollars) up to US$ 500,00 (five hundred dollars), Importation Tax rate will be 60% on importation customs value. Check more information in item 1. General characteristics  - Importations up to US$ 500,00 (five hundred dollars).
Importation with commercial characterization is forbidden to natural persons, according to SECEX Decree  (Foreign Trade Secretariat) nº. 23/2011.
We inform that there are some websites using the same name of brand  Importa Fácil (Easy import). These websites do not have any commercial relation with Correios. Therefore, we inform the consumer who feels defrauded due to commercial transactions made through these websites, that Correios are not to be responsible for a service rendering that is not within its scope.

Delivery: Varies according to the service contracted abroad by sender.

Registration (Self service):

Easy import – Natural person
Easy import – Juridical person

Registration manual

Natural/juridical person Easy Import service: R$ 250,00 for custos clearance + taxes.


Dear client, 
According to norms established by Banco Central do Brasil, exchange rate is freely defined by institutions, and values negotiated in market are used as reference.  As to exchange rate applied to Easy Import service, we inform that ECT uses Tourism Dollar sales quotation as published in previous day as reference for elaboration of clearance note. Tourism dollar quotation can be found in main websites specialized in finances, economy and websites of other Regulatory Agencies.  Banco Central do Brasil divulges dayly bulletins only with Purchase and Sale quotations of Commercial dollar.

During an importation operation, there is a natural discrepancy of some days between the moment when taxes inherent to this nationalization are calculated and its registration. Since costs are calculated according to the good, freight and insurance (when applicable) values, and these amounts are usually expressed in foreign currency, importation is subject to exchange variation. In other words, values stated in clearance note are calculated based on shipment parameters and foreign currency costs on that day, observed exchabe rate informed above. What happens is that, at the moment of registration of Importation Simplified Declaration (DSI) and some days after clearance note and payment slip issue, Federal Revenue system uses quotation of currency of the previous day, i.e., a different quotation.

Due to exchange variation, it is statistically impracticable that taxes values coincide with clearance note values. Sometimes taxes will be higher than expected and at other times values are lower.  In the first case, the difference is assumed by ECT, and is not charged to the client. As a consequence, in the latter case, there is no way to compensate for the difference.”


The shipping is received by Correios and forwarded to Easy Import service. Customs clearance transactions are carried out. The importer will be notified and will have 2 (two) days to pay taxes and services value. Being verified payment confirmation, Correios will proceed to nationalization and delivery of of importation according to the modality contracted in post office of origin.

Delivery Vary according to the service contracted abroad by sender.

Transportation via postal of the following goods are not allowed: - Goods that require controlled temperature; - Perishable goods; - Products that may offer risks to postal operators physical integrity during handling and storage;
- Products destined to clinical research; - Goods disposed in Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency – ANVISA Decree n.º 344.


List of prohibited objects.Importation limits. List of other countries official post offices


Ask your supplier/exporter to make postage abroad in a postal modality in which importation arrives directly in Brazil Correios. Some countries like: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Slovenia, Nederland  (Low Countries), Norway and Swiss, among others, outsource the express modality, thus causing the non-receiving of international parcesl by Correios in Brazil. For these countries we suggest the use of economic or priority postal modalities.

Check in link below the list of countries where you can use EMS (Express Mail Service) and receive your parcel safely by ECT. Access: Cooperative EMS – List of member countries

For express shipment from the United States, the best option is Express Mail Service, which is sent directly to Brazilian mail.   

Do not use United States Postal Service - USPS Global Express Garanteed modality, whose delivery in Brazil is not made by Correios. For more information access: http://www.usps.com/shipping/expressmail.htm

We inform that Correios are not authorized to make nationalization of shipment/goods that have some type of control previous to embarkation of entry in the country by Brazilizan regulatory agency (ANVISA, MDIC, CNEN, INMETRO, IBAMA, etc), except for importations of Science Easy Import service.

It is the environment for Registration and Monitoring of Activities of Parties in Customs Transactions.  Natural or juridical persons importers that use Correios Easy Import service (for values below US$ 3.000) are exempt from previous qualification in RADAR according to Art. 17 of IN SRF Nº. 650 of 05/12/06. (Federal Revenue Office Normative Instruction)