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EMS – Express good

International service for shipping of goods with maximum priority of treatment, forwarding and delivery.

Service availability: International.

Who can use: Natural persons (payment in cash) and juridical persons (payment in cash or to be invoiced). 


Delivery location: In residence or in postal unit, depending on the country of destination. Some countries do not carry out delivery of EMS objects in P.O. Box. .   

Delivery foreseen terms: Vary according to country of destination.

Why use this service

- Automatic registration; - Automatic free insurance; - Possibility of object tracking; - Distribution network in over 130 countries; - Delivery priority; 

Cash: In all Correios post offices.

To be invoiced (juridical person): Contracts can be made in each state commercial managements.

Prices and terms

Learn prices and terms here

How exporter can receive sale money
In case of commercial exportation, exporter may use the following means, among others, to receive the value from importer: 
- Through Correios: International Money Order; -through banks: Foreign exchange contract and exchange slip;- Through credit card operators: International Credit card.

Weight limit: 30 kg, according to country of destination

Dimensions:  Package and box: - Minimum: 9 cm x 14 cm; - Maximum: 1.50 m (length + height + thickness) or 3.0 for length plus larger perimeter.  

Roll: - Minimum: 10 cm (length); Length plus two times diameter = 17 cm minimum. - Maximum: 1.5 m (length). Length plus two times diameter = 3 m maximum.

Declaration of content is mandatory for all international goods transportation services, whether Commercial or non-commercial exportation;  Shipping of cigarettes and similar products via postal is forbidden for all countries. 
Before posting the good, it must be checked whether it is not included in prohibitions and restrictions list. 

Packing: Every Express good shall be packed and closed by sender in pack that resists to content weight, shape and nature, as well as to transportation conditions. The pack may be acquired in Correios, in other suppliers or fabricated by the client himself, provided that it satisfies recommended conditions:  envelopes, boxes, packages and rolls made out of paper, plastic, polystyrene, wood or metal, wrapped in flat and resistant paper.

To learn more

Optional services and products: - Return receipt: confirmation of delivery with acceptance varying in different countries; - Parcel boxes; - Insurance – for value superior to automatic insurance value, up to US$10.000,00 limit, in Reais, of invoice good value.
- For shipments  without exchange coverage and without commercial purpose above US$ 1.000 (one thousand dollars), issue of Simplified Export Declaration – DSE is required; 


List of Prohibitions and Restrictions


- Postage form - Countries card indexProforma invoice
Commercial invoice

Term of use Express Good