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Home delivery

Delivery service for objects posted in Correios, to a defined location (residence, commerce, industry etc.)

Home delivery restriction
Correios do not perform home delivery in some cities, rural areal, or public areas with difficult access or risky. For these cases, Correios send the objects to the post office nearest the addressee address, so that internal delivery can be made. Objects remain available for withdrawal for a period defined according to the service modality, as showed in table below.



Guard period – Calendar days


07 days

SEDEX to be charged

07 days


07 days


15 days

After above mentioned periods, the objects not withdrawn will be returned to their senders. In order to learn the list of cities or public places where Correios do not perform home delivery,  click here.

Home delivery restriction
In order to learn the list of cities or public places where Correios do not perform home delivery on Saturdays,  click here.

External home delivery is carried out when the following conditions are met: 

I – Correct indication of delivery address on postal object; 
II – Ways and public places with access conditions and safety for mailman;  
III – Public places and streets with signs of name duly identified; 
IV – Properties with numbering displayed in ordered, individualized and single way; 
V – Existence of mail box to place correspondence, located at the entrance, accessible to mailman, or presence of a person in charge of receiving the postal object at the property.

For localities that do not meet conditions above mentioned, the objects will be forwarded to the postal unit nearest the delivery address. 

Postal objects can also be forwarded to a near postal unit due to the impossibility of external delivery resulting from their characteristics, such as weight, dimensions, specifications of the service, or when addressing so defines.