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International Fax Post

Electronic mail service that uses fax machine for transmission and reception of documents and texts sheets abroad. It can be handwritten, drawn, or assembled in flexible cuts document that uses standard form for transmission via fax machine.

Service availability: In all national territory

Who can use it: Natural persons (payment at sight) and juridical persons (payment at sight or to be invoiced).


Characteristics: Quantity of pages: The quantity of pages to be transmitted is chosen by sender.   

How it works: - Transmission to addressee fax: it can be sent to all countries;  - Transmission to country of destiniation post office fax: it can only be sent to countries that keep traffic agreement with Brazilian mail; - From Brazilian mail fax machine to International mail fax machine; - From Brazilian mail fax machine to addressee fax machine; 
- From sender abroad fax machine to Brazilian mail fax machine. One same document can be transmitted or delivered to one or several addressees. 

Reception by appointment in Brazil: Occurs when addressee is already in Correios post office waiting for the fax and uses the same phone call to transmit other fax to the source of what was received.

Delivery: Delivery location: 
- Postal unit in country of destination; - Directly to addressee fax machine. 

Why use this service?

- Transmission and reception of documents and texts sheets, even when the person doesn’t have a facsimile equipment;  - Option of transmission and reception of documents and texts in fax machine of one Correios unit or directly to addressee equipment. 

 At sight: In Correios post offices

To be invoiced: In accredited Correios post offices
Contracts can be made in each state Commercial managements  

Prices and terms

The tariff is based on the country of destination tariff group and amount of document pages. The first page with price different from the other pages. Check prices and terms

Payment conditions 

In source transmission post office: When the Fax Post is transmitted by an ECT post office to another ECT post office or to user equipment, a tariff corresponding to the service will be charged from sender: 

- At sight – payment at the moment of; - To be invoiced – payment on later date, after service rendering, upon invoicing. – By contract  – the document on which invoice will be issued, related to the service rendering, is the voucher, issued according to Financial Management guidance.   

In delivery post office of destination:  When Fax Post is received in an ECT post office from a user equipment, Delivery tax charge may be: 

- At sight – when addressee opts for withdrawal of Fax Post at ECT service unit; - To be invoiced – when addressee opts for Fax Post delivery in domicile and provided that he/she is Telex national network or telephone subscriber. In this case, the ECT employee who makes the contract with addressee to inform Fax arrival shall write down the Telex or telephone number and provide authorization on transmission protocol overleaf.

Available additional services: Confirmation request 

Recommendations and restrictions

Acceptance conditions: the document shall be legible; Flexible Material; without scotch tape; without staples; with margins; A4 standard size; written in blue or black ink.