M Bag

International service for sending of large amount of documents from one single sender addressed too ne single addressee abroad, with low priority in forwarding and delivery.

Service availability: In all national territory

Who can use it: Juridical persons, upon contract.

Characteristics: Modality 
Only economic.

Delivery: Delivery location: Home or postal unit, depending on the country of destination.

Foreseen delivery terms: Vary according to country of destination

Why use this service?

- Reduced tariff, according to country of destination and weight;         - Distribution network in over 200 countries;  - Bag is closed by sender and opened only by addressee; - Automatic free insurance  (for registered objects); - Shipping of printed matters between a company and its branches.

How to contract: In Commercial/sales managements, according to client’s choice.

Where to post: At Correios unit linked to contract.

Prices and Terms

Check price here.

  • How to pay:
    To be invoiced

Monthly invoice only for juridical person clients upon contract to be made at each state Commercial Managements.

Storage tax: At devolution: tax defined in table “National Services Prices and Tariffs”, which will be charged from sender in case of M Bag with weight superior to 500 g.

This tax will only be charged upon devolution to sender and from the 8th day of guard. In case exemption terms expire on a non-business day, it will be postponed to the following first business day. Check storage tax value (link to  http://www.correios.com.br/precosPrazos/precosPrazosNacionais/servicosAdicionaisPostais.cfm)

Other terms

Guard terms: in case of non-delivery to addressee, M Bag may be returned to sender or treated as abandoned, according to sender choice at the moment of postage. 

At return M Bag guard period will be counted from (and including) the day following the day when it was made available to sender, according to the following priority: a) delivery of  Advice of Arrival; b) entry in post office notebook or list of internal delivery; c) date stamp on object obverse, when it is not protocolled. 

Period of 20 calendar days: - M Bag returned to: - Sender;                    - P.O. Box sender.

Period of 30 calendar days: - M Bag addressed to: - Ordered Posta Restante. - Locality without Correios post office. – Correios post office that does not perform internal delivery service.- Locality without home distribution service.

Obs.: M Bags with weight superior to 2 kg are subject to return tax payment.

Weight limit: 30 kg, according to country of destination.

Packing: M Bag content shall be grouped in bags identical to those used in postal service.

Additional service: - Registration (except for Canada and United States).