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National cecogram

Postal service destined to visually impaired persons who use Braille for written communication. It is considered as cecogram, correspondence object printed in relief by cecographic system (BRAILLE). It is also considered cecograms, plates engraved in relief (clichés) and sound records issued by officially recognized institutions for the blind.

Service availability: In all national territory

Who can use it: Juridical and natural persons.

Why use this service?

- Free postage.  

Cecogram shipment can be made in all Correios post offices.

Prices and terms

The customer is exempt from franking price payment.

- Objects shall be presented open for verification of acceptance conditions; 
- The word “CECOGRAM” shall be place on object lower left corner; - Correspondence shall have 7 (seven) kg, at the most;  - Postage can be national and international.