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National telegram

Urgent and confidential message electronically transmitted to delivery location, where it is printed and self-enveloped for delivery at addressee address. Send your telegram now.

Service availability: In all national territory

Who can use it: - Natural persons – without contract; - Juridical persong – with or without contract.

How it works:

Basic services:- Home delivery within city limits – The telegram destined to a location outside city limits, where there is no home delivery will remain available to addressee, as Posta Restante, in nearest post office, for a period of 7 calendar days. The sender will be informed of this situation;
- Automatic return to sender in case of non-delivery (up to three attempts are made).

Delivery: Delivery terms:- See our delivery terms;
- ECT commitment with Delivery is subject o hours and days limits of Telegram Service.

In case of delay in delivery of telematic messages, compensation will correspond to telematic prices value in force on the date of request for indemnification payment, excluded additional services value, when applicable. 

Why use this service?

- Delivery in all Brazilian municipalities; 
- Urgent object treatment;
- Convenience in transmission
- Agility in message delivery;                                                                             - No limit for text size; 
- Delivery on Sundays and holidays in cities with population superior to one million inhabitants.

- In any Correios post offices;
- In Correios virtual store
- By telephone at Correios Clients Service Central

How much: National destination telegram charge is made per page and there is no limitation as to the number of pages. International telegram is charged per word.

See national telegram price

Delivery terms:- See our delivery terms;
- ECT commitment with Delivery is subject to hours and days limits of Telegram Service.

Correios do not accept telegrams:  - Anonymous (without sender data);  - Injurious, threatening, offensive to moral, against public order or with recognized false news. 

The telegram cannot be cancelled, for its transmission is instataneous.    

Additional services:Delivery confirmation request;
Copy of telegram.

For sending via internet, Correios make available, for free, SPE (Electronic Postage System) software. With SPE you can send your telegrams in a practical, fast and safe way.  Learn more about SPE

After postage:
Object tracking via internet