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Phone card - TELEFÔNICA

Sales of 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 75 minutes inductive phone cards, DDD and DDI pre-paid cards and economic line pre-paid cards in all São Paulo state Correios post offices, as consignation. Used to make calls from call boxes and residential phones.

Service availability: São Paulo state (within Telesp concession area). 

Why use this service?

- Inductive cards: they can be used in any call box – since included in attended localities list; 
- DDD and DDI pre-paid cards can be used from any phone: call boxes, commercial, residential and cell phones; 
- Economic line pre-paid cards can be used from residential phones: DDD, DDI, local calls and calls to cell phones.  
They can be acquired in any São Paulo state Correios post offices (Telesp concession).

Where to buy: São Paulo region Correios post offices (Telesp concession).

Telephone operator companies interested in commercialization of their phone cards by Correios shall contact their state commercial management.

Prices – Check prices here.

Change of TELESP/TELEFÔNICA cards: Cards can be changed in the following situations:- Only inductive cards will be changed; - Super 15 and economic line pre-paid cards change is only made through Telesp (service posts); - Presentation of ticket proving purchase in Correios, and presentation of inductive card with code identification indicating that the sale was carried out through Correios;           - change will take place along with completion of form with personal data (inductive cards).