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SPP - Postal Protocol service

Correios postal protocol is a product from SEDEX family, specially developed to speed up all phases of a protocol process, since reception until delivery to addressee.

Service availability: In all national territory

Check list of covenant agencies

Who can use it: - Natural and juridical persons without contract;
- Juridical persons with contract.

How it works: Courts, DETRANS (traffic departments) and other similar public agencies contact Correios and sign a covenant. From then on, all Correios post offices, in the whole national territory, start to exercise protocol function to receive any documents forwarded to the covenant agency.  

Postage receipt provided by Correios is personalized with date and seal and, for protocol proof, it starts to be recognized as Public Faith before covenant agencies.

Basic services: - Use of SEDEX platform; - Use of service personalized tag;  - Use of Correios standardized packs.

Delivery: Delivery term: Varies according to origin and destination localities of parcel.  

See your parcels delivery terms

Why use this service?

For SPP covenantees
More organization: With SPP, in addition to counting on SEDEX quality assurance in protocol processes, covenant agencies invest in procedures standardization;

More acknowledgement: Improvement of transactions and intention to simplify processes progress show a strategic viés of covenant agencies, revealing a high quality standard management practice.  

For SPP users
More options: In addition to traditional protocol, existing in public agencies, the user counts on the possibility of protocolling his/her documents at any Correios post offices;

Lower expenses: Many times, professionals must cover long distances, spending high amounts in travels, just to protocol a document directly at a court or specific public agency. SPP works as a tool that avoids loss of time and unecessary expenses: they only have to go to one Correios post office  and pay shipping costs.

More agility: SPP counts on SEDEX quickness and range. It means that users can be sure that their documents will arrive at destination within term and with all safety, without lines and complications..

The object postage can be made at any Correios post offices.

In case you need to contract the service, please contact one of our commercial representatives.

How much: For shipment price definition, the object real weight, origin and destination is considered, plus value of eventually acquired optional products and additional/complementary services.

Simulate your protocolled documents shipment price - SPP (SEDEX) with payment in cash.

How to pay: At Correios post offices

    • Cash
    • Credit card
    •  Debit card
    • ·         – Checks from the same city and by the interested person, order check to ECT or to Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company).  Learn conditions for check payment.
    • To be invoiced - Monthly invoice only for juridical person upon contract to be signed in each state commercial managements.

Delivery term: Varies according to objects origin and destination localities.

See your parcel delivery term. 

Restrictions: Check which contents Correios  do not ship.
Check dimensions and weights limits.

Check here home delivery restrictions.

Every document for shipment shall be packed and closed by sender, in pack that resists to content weight, shape and nature, as well as to transportation conditions. The pack may be acquired in Correios, in other suppliers or fabricated by the client himself, provided that it satisfies recommended conditions.   To learn more, refer to Packing