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Stated Value

It is an additional service by which the client states the value of an object posted under Register, for compensation in case of deviation or spoliation.

Service availability: in all national territory

Who can use it: - Natural and juridical persons without contract; - Juridical persons with contract.

How it works:

The service includes indemnification in stated amount, proportional to the content damage (partial or total). The indemnification is offered upon collection of 1% of stated value;

The value statement of goods destined to commercialization will be subject to taxation, and shall have respective fiscal document, according to legislation in force;  

For transfer of personal objects, the form Content Discrimination, duly completed, can be used with object data and value to be secured;

Fulfilment of tax legislation is the Sender’s responsibility.  

Why use this service?

Warranty of compensation of object stated value in case of loss, deviation or damage.

The service can be acquired in Correios Post Offices.
In case you need to contract the service, contact one of our commercial representatives.

Prices and Terms

1% (one per cent) on stated value will be charged.

- The service can only be used with registered objects;
- When the value is indicated in foreign currency, the compensation of value stated will be made, always, based on value converted into national currency, according to parity of the day;
- The postal object that shows indications of containing non-stated value, in cases where value statement is mandatory, will be retained and opened, in presence of sender, addressee, or their respective proxies/legal representatives;
- In case there is omission of value statement in object subject to this requirement, a fine will be applied;
- The retained object delivery will be made upon payment of value established for fine indicated in internal postal tariff;   
- When there is no agreement as to payment of fine by relevant parties, the object will be treated as refuse.